The 1966 World Cup and Motivational Speeches

The 1966 World Cup and Motivational Speeches

On this day 48 years ago England won the World Cup.  But how do we turn that victory into inspiration for today?


I’ve been thinking of ways to boost morale and motivation in the workplace – after all, we should be proud of ourselves, today of all days.


Looking back, we’ve covered a number of topics on the blog that relate to worker wellbeing and happiness: fair wages and working hours, meritocratic workplaces and bosses that care about their employees.  All worthy goals (ahem), but not exactly inspirational.


No, if you want to gee people up, to ignite morale and spark motivation, you need something else.  You need a speechThe Telegraph illustrated this in their obituary of England manager, Alf Ramsey:

‘With extra time to play, Ramsey pointed across to where the Germans lay exhausted on the pitch. Drawing as much on the spirit he had forged as on the tireless running of Alan Ball and George Cohen, he said: “You’ve won it once – now go and do it again. Look at them. They’re finished!” It was a masterpiece of motivation.’

So, I went looking for powerful speeches.  And I found the mother lode. A Frankenstein’s monster of pop-culture references, historical figures and Hollywood schmaltz. A talk so preposterously cheesy that it actually works.


If Alf Ramsey could have seen this video, England wouldn’t just have won the 1966 World Cup, we’d have lifted every one since then.


If you need to boost morale in your office, gather your team round.  Tell your colleagues to hush.  Hook the up the office projector and play them this.

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  1. Euroffice Customer at 9:19 am

    Wow what a collection of speeches, I’m currently running round the office all re-invented !!

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