Top 10 Essential Office Supplies for a New Business

Top 10 Essential Office Supplies for a New Business

We’ve been talking about what office supplies a new business should buy.  What do you think of our list?

1. Paper

Whether it’s plain printer paper, fancy headed paper or paper that starts with a T (and which must never, ever run out) every office needs plenty to op-paper-ate.

2.  Notepads

Smartphones and tablets are great, but notepads are still king for jotting things down quickly (and they don’t incorrectly autocorrect).

3. Diaries

Diaries are also under threat from new technology.  But a fat diary or organiser on a desk says the person it belongs to is busy, capable and in control.

4. Pens

Like suits, pens say something about their owners.  Have plenty of ballpoints and highlighters for everyday use, but take a fancy one to an important meeting.

5. Sticky notes

Perfect for leaving messages for co-workers, they’re also great as customisable bookmarks when taking notes for projects and research.

6. Staplers

Yes, staplers are good for holding documents together.  But ask any man and he’ll say loading one makes you feel like you’re a gunfighter in a Western movie.

7.  Files and folders

Files and folders make an office look busy.  Even if you don’t have anything to fill them with yet, have some on display to make your new business look successful.

8. Envelopes

When a company invests in good quality envelopes, it shows they’re taking the little things seriously.   Don’t skimp on what you send.

9. Glue and sticky tape

If you’re sending confidential material in the post, use glue and sticky tape to seal the package.  The more secure it looks, the more pleased the customer will be.

10.  Shredder

Never, ever put confidential documents or things with addresses into a bin.  Always shred them first, both to protect you and your customers.

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  2. Euroffice Customer at 1:38 pm

    Yes, I agree. Every office still need papers. What if there’s no electric and everything run out of battery, still need to write it down somewhere.

  3. Euroffice Customer at 1:37 pm

    I think the trusty old paper trays should get a mention, hate to think what my desk would look like without them !!

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