Tasty International Relations

Tasty International Relations

The key to running an #InternationalOffice is having something to put in your mouth besides feet.

Almost every workplace is multicultural these days, but how do you build a connection with international co-workers?

Well, there are all sorts of plans, schemes and suggestions out there that use terms like ‘diversity‘ and ‘value‘; they are well meaning and deserve to be taken seriously.

But when it comes to working in a multinational office, I think the most important language is food.

This might sound a bit mad, but if you want to foster international cooperation at work, get staff to bring their favourite dishes and share them. Whether they’re from Azerbaijan or Argentina, people love to share #recipes and stories about their national cuisine.

With a bit of luck, you’ll see conversations arise spontaneously about how it’s made, when it’s eaten, comparisons to British dishes and so on. It’s from that dialogue that you’ll pave the way for broader discussions about differences in working practices and office culture.

(When the teams from Euroffice Italy and Euroffice Germany pop over, I’m expecting to see a glorious spread on the boardroom table. Mutter mia!)

If you’re feeling inspired, here is a Bread Pudding Recipe for British food lovers:

The classic Kiwi Pavlova is also a guaranteed hit:

Finally, you should probably give foreign workers a heads-up about the subtleties of British politeness (in the sense that polite assassins polish their knives before polishing off royalty.)

To start you off, we found a great list of what British people say and what they actually mean.   Let’s hope none of these phrases are used when talking about the food, eh?

Source: Today I Learned Something New

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