Sunny weather, summer sales and silly hats

Sunny weather, summer sales and silly hats

The Euroffice summer sale is on, with up to 25% off office supplies.  But why do we have summer sales to begin with? (And by ‘we’ I mean ‘everyone’.)

So it’s our summer sale.  You can get up to 25% off a range of office supplies; perfect if you need to stock the stationery cupboard or feed your pen fetish.  But why do businesses have summer sales to begin with?  What is it about this weather that lends itself to retail?


Well, one research paper we came across suggested that sunlight does increase retail sales.  But what’s really interesting is it doesn’t have to be natural light.  In the same study, people exposed to sunlamps were similarly affected by the desire to purchase.  It’s also been shown that sunshine makes us more friendly and helpful to strangers.  Maybe that’s why a Wall Street Journal article found sunny days have been linked to waiters getting larger tips.


France takes summer sales so seriously, they’re actually regulated by law.  There are two main sales periods a year, in January and July.  Apparently the idea is to control competition and give small retailers a chance – by having two official sales, it stops big shops discounting things all the time and muscling SMEs out of the picture.


So we’re happier, spend-ier people when it’s nice outside.  Maybe that explains #RoyalAscot’s popularity.   It’s a chance a to dress up, get out and spend, spend, spend…..or bet, bet, bet.  (Take note: apparently stock market traders make riskier investments when it’s sunny.)


Talking aboutAscot – ‘The Great British Drama’, I tried to persuade the Euroffice brass to send someone to the races wearing a giant cherry on their head.  You know, for publicity.   I argued that the 300-year-old event has a history of crazy fashion and #sillyhats.    It was started by Queen Anne in 1711 and her maid of honour, Miss Forester, once turned up wearing men’s riding gear.  It caused quite a scandal.  I’ve even read that the Duchess of Devonshire once rolled up wearing something that looked like a galleon stuffed with birds.

Actually, sod it.  Forget just having a cherry hat – we need to go full on Carmen Miranda.

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  1. Euroffice Customer at 1:12 pm

    I reckon during the Summer, the sales will be quite low as some people go away on long holidays.

  2. Euroffice Customer at 1:11 pm

    If sunny weather and sunlight increase sales, I think it’s time Britain came into line with the rest of Europe regarding BST and GMT. An extra hours daylight each night would encourage spending and fuel Britains recovery !!

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