Stuffing envelopes and mailing CDs

Imagine a young lad straight out of school looking for his first job – well, not so long ago, that was me.

One of my first jobs was quality checking and packing software for a City house. When I say software I mean 5” floppy disks. I had to load wobbly disk after wobbly disk to a computer the size of a small house and then pack them into standard envelopes for shipping to addresses around the world. (OK, maybe the job wasn’t as recent as I’m making out!)

Now, these delicate disks from days gone by would often be delivered in what could only be described as an ‘origamic condition’; bent, folded and twisted in every direction possible.

Thankfully things changed with the introduction of what is now known as media mailing packaging.  These rigid envelopes formed from durable card are designed to ensure the safe transit of just about all known media including my favorite – the 5” floppy disk.

Easily assembled in seconds and available in an array of materials, colours and styles, media mailer packs are these days an essential piece of kit in any self-respecting mailroom. So, if you’re ever mailing CDs and DVDs make sure you stick them in one of these super envelopes.

Thankfully technology moved on and so did I…well eventually!

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