#StuckInTheOffice? Then Have A Staycation

#StuckInTheOffice? Then Have A Staycation

Do you have to work during the summer while all your colleagues are away? Make the most of things by turning your stint into a #staycation.

Nobody likes to be stuck indoors while their colleagues are out gallivanting and getting a tan. But don’t let their freedom bring you down; going on #holiday isn’t actually all that great.

A 2009 Dutch study found that ‘holidays don’t make people that happy.’  I know that sounds odd, but here’s the deal: researchers discovered that punters are happy before they go on holiday, but that elation doesn’t continue when they get back. And if they had even moderate travel stress on said break, any happiness could evaporate.

So, since staying in and going out are pretty much the same thing, how do you have a good staycation when you’re Stuck In The Office?


Budget & Plan

A staycation isn’t about not spending at all, it’s about not spending as much.

Imagine how much you would pay out, for everything, on a regular holiday. Take a percentage of that amount and use it for your staycation; let’s say 20%. Now you’ve got your spending money, you can choose an itinerary. Are there local restaurants or sights you want to visit at lunchtime? Is there a piece of furniture you fancy or an outfit you’ve been dreaming of?

On your daily commute, plan a different route and take your camera(phone) out, traverse this new commute as though you are in an exotic new land and you are there to absorb as much of the scenery as it has to offer.  Put your tourist hat on as you walk and take a few moments to look up and observe the architecture that surrounds you….. Chances are you are not alone and you will encounter ‘real tourists’ doing the very same thing, marvelling at the new sights before their eyes. Let this new frame of mind shed intrigue and light on your daily routine and you will soon turn the mundane into the marvelous! Except the real tourist probably paid a fortune to be there….you got it for FREE 🙂


Clear Your Space

Packing for a holiday is a form of de-cluttering. Why? Because you only take the things you need. In effect, you are starting afresh without any of the encumbrances of your previous life.

Likewise, a staycation is an opportunity to whittle your workspace down to its essentials. Ditch those dried-out pens. Dive into detritus-filled drawers and discard dead documents.


Write Three Things

If you live on your own and find yourself working in an empty office, the work-home-work routine can make it feel like the days are all blurring into one.

My Daily 3 could help. It’s a simple idea: write down three things you’ve done each day, no matter how insignificant they may seem.   You’ll soon find you’ve got a list of little achievements that will make you feel productive and help sharpen that blur.


Make New Friends

When your regular workmates are around, you’ve got no incentive to explore other parts of the business and meet new people; a staycation gives you an excuse to do just that.

A simple way to start is to fire off an internal email saying that you’ve got snacks to share and they’re in the office kitchen. (You are the kind of person that buys sweets and treats for your workmates, right?)  Soon enough you’ll be chatting to new colleagues and making firm friends.

So, are you feeling a bit better about being #StuckInTheOffice?  Why not let us know how your staycation goes via the medium of #selfies and Twitter.

Share your snaps and stories with @eurofficecouk! You might just win yourself a great staycation souvenir….wink wink

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  2. Neon at 7:46 am

    We often have a day trip to Blackpool where we can easily spend the same amount of money that we would have spent travelling to Majorca… Hmmmm Blackpool or Majorca ? Let me think about that for a nano-second !!

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