Stuck on a train? How do you pass the time?

s a cock-up left commuters stranded on trains going to Liverpool, the question we have to ask is this: how do you amuse yourself when you’re stuck on public transport?

First and foremost, I remember that getting frustrated won’t do anything. If you know you can’t change the situation, if you’ve phoned work to let them know you’re running late, try to relax.

Because I don’t have a smart phone (no Angry Birds or music for me), I’ve learned to zone out. I’ll run through what I have to do at work or at home. If I’ve got a meeting I’ll do a practice run in my head; just simple things to get my imagination going and help me pass the time. If I’ve got a book, I’ll dip in and out of it, pausing to see what’s going on around me.

And if I feel a bit constrained, I’ll take my trousers off. But everyone does that right?

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