State of The Art Pens

State of The Art Pens

Most of us have a favourite pen in the office. It’s the one that’s best for doodling at a boring meeting or signing your name with a flourish. You probably have a favourite brand, but when Stephen Wiltshire chooses Staedtler fine liner pens, he has a very good reason.


Stephen is in his mid-30s, but was diagnosed as autistic when he was just three years old. He’s an artist with a fantastic eye for architectural detail and an astounding visual memory. In 2005 he took a short helicopter ride over Tokyo and then drew a stunningly detailed panoramic view of the metropolis on a 10-metre long canvas. But he also draws wonderful interiors – like this one for the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, done when he was just 17.


When he was little Stephen did not speak at all and preferred to draw. Then teachers at school temporarily took away his drawing materials, to encourage him to speak and ask for them. The first word he said was ‘paper‘.

In last weekend’s Sunday Times mag Stephen told readers that when he does a drawing he uses a pencil first, because if it is not right he can rub it out.

When it’s finished he goes over it using a fine black pen, and he likes Staedtler fineliner pens.


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