Staple faire

For all of us who have had to do THOSE jobs in an office – the filing, the printing, the mailing and the dreaded stapling together of documents – we know about the tedium and vacant stares that inevitably accompany these tasks. We constantly look for the fastest way to get these jobs done whilst still keeping some kind of sanity and trying desperately to make them entertaining.

I used to try and think up little songs or poems that went along with the jobs (and before you ask I will be taking these to my grave) but you may have made your own discoveries. For example; with the mailing came the discovery of peel and seal envelopes – amazing, brilliant, and I am pretty sure the envelope related injuries in everyone’s office have become almost non-existent – well except for that one colleague who just can’t seem to master the seal without slicing their finger along the side.

But what about the stapling? Picture this, its quarter to four, it’s a beautiful summer’s day and you have a 5:15pm appointment with a pint in a beer garden then out of nowhere someone stumbles over to your desk (crumbling under the weight of the papers they’re carrying) they drop the mountain onto your desk and say ever so calmly “these are required for tomorrows eight am meeting, they need to have the pages stapled together like so” what do you do?

Well if you’re anything like me you staple like mad, banging papers together, getting paper cuts and cursing profusely as you watch the time and the sun fade away. But no more! The technology in staplers has moved on and there’s finally a way of speeding up this job without actually delegating it to an office junior.

It’s called the Rexel Staple Wizard  and it’s an electronic stapler. It can staple up to 12 sheets at a time.  All you have to do is slip the sheets in, they’re stapled, you remove the paper and pop in the next lot. This will not only cut the time in half, it’s also highly amusing (Hmmm, actually this probably depends on what you find amusing – but definitely more so than the old style staplers) and as the ‘wizard’ (it’s what people in the know call the stapler) has a see through plastic outer casing you can see all the inner workings of this revolutionary piece of machinery making it rather interesting, to boot.

So now you know, get your wizard, spread the word and happy stapling!

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