Spare a thought for your office chair

If Spring is inspiring you to give your office a bit of refresh, then maybe it’s time to think about some new office chairs.

You want something comfortable, so before you make up your mind, think about your activities through the day. Will you be mainly sitting at a desk and working at a keyboard, up and about filing or answering the phone? If the chair will be used by anyone else – it makes sense to choose one that has adjustable height and backrest.

Of course there are many types of chair, from heavy duty and good posture models to standard office chairs, and they are available in a variety of combinations – with headrests and armrests, for example. But whichever one you choose, remember that you can get the best out of your office chair by sitting with the right posture. Here are some simple tips to help you sit comfortably.

Make sure your back is supported by your chair. Adjust your seat height so that your arms and wrists are straight and level with the floor. Rest your feet flat on the floor – use a footrest if necessary.

While working it’s wise to keep your computer screen at eye level, and your mouse close to hand. And remember to keep all the things you normally use close by on your desk, from the phone to the filing tray and even the stapler. That way you won’t be reaching and straining for things all day.

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