Show Your Top Drawer

Show Your Top Drawer

Today is #ShowYourTopDrawer day! Take a photo of what’s in your office drawer and share it with us. What does it say about your personality?

Do you have snacks or handy office supplies? Do you store your gym equipment or your emergency umbrella? Is everything tidy, or do you throw in items haphazardly? Most of us spend 40+ hours per week #StuckInTheOffice, and our daily tasks influence our minds more than we think.


Fancy winning a #Euroffice mug?

We went around the office and took pictures of six different drawers. Each one belongs to a different employee. Can you match the right photo with the right job? Leave your guesses in the blog comments, or find us on Twitter @eurofficecouk to join the giveaway!

I’m going to have a guess myself, but I do not know the answers. I’ve been kept deliberately in the dark about this so it wouldn’t influence the blog post. Cross my heart.


Here are the jobs:

  • Content Strategist
  • Social Media Executive
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Product Data Manager (man)
  • Product Data Manager (woman)


And here are the drawers:


  •  Top Drawer #1


The mints and hand cream (?) make me think this belongs to a woman. The Turkish-style glass and teapot means they care about details.   They’re practical too; you’ve got to be fixing and repairing things if you’ve got UHU in your draw.

Female Product Data Manager


  • Top Drawer #2


Nuts, booze and chopsticks? Yeah, this is a dude. Now they’ve got a CD from 2013, so that’s an archive of some sort. That must mean they’re dealing with lots of info that changes regularly. And they get headaches with all that info, hence the aspirin.

Male Product Data Manager


  • Top Drawer #3


Hoo boy. You know that feeling when technology doesn’t work and all you want to do is chuck it out of the window? I think this person has to deal with that all the time. They’re one error message away from going full-on Hulk (but don’t quite have the muscles for it yet).

Web Developer


  • Top Drawer #4


This person looks after themselves (apples, Anadin) and needs a clean workspace, hence the air duster. They like everything to be in its place, so they have Tupperware. When you consider the CMYK guide – which for is colour printing – I think that means that having the right image is important to them.

Web Designer


  • Top Drawer #5


Wow. How are you supposed to get a handle on this? Coffee and biscuits is about sitting down and ruminating. The think ‘n’ dunk. But then you’ve got Post-its that are about ideas and organisation.   Sitting in front of your monitor and taking notes?

Social Media Executive


  • Top Drawer #6


By a process of elimination this must be the content strategist, right? But it seems so Spartan. Oh, man. I’m not sure I’ve got this right.   Honestly, I think… No, stop. Don’t second-guess yourself.


Those are my guesses, but as I said before, yours are as good as mine.  What do you think the right answers are?

Tell us below or get in touch on Twitter @eurofficecouk for a chance to a Euroffice mug.! Why not share a picture of your own drawer at the same time? #ShowYourTopDrawer!

There are 7 comments for this article
  1. INksmith at 12:43 pm

    Interesting choices Neon. I was really torn about what to put, because as soon as I got to the end with my guesses I immediately thought I was wrong.

    • Neon at 1:58 pm

      Time will tell matey, if I get 6 out of 6 it’s because i was finding a correlation between what was in the drawer and the job title… If I get 0 out of 6 it’s because I was guessing !!

      • Euroffice Team at 7:04 pm

        Well, let’s reveal the truth… Which drawer belongs to which role.
        I’m shocked to say that Inksmith who was genuinely kept in the dark (and I can vouch for a fact hasn’t seen inside my drawer as I keep it locked (Content Strategist)..that he got them all correct.
        We are considering the fact that he may either be telepathic, a darn lucky guesser or just plain stalking our pedestals. Either way, well done Inksmith on your 6 out of 6 correct…Personally I reckon we have a mole! Or “a mole and a vole” as #JohnnyEnglish would claim.

  2. Neon at 2:43 pm

    If we ran that same contest here, I doubt we could open half of the top drawers… There has been many a time I’ve had to put my joinery skills to the test just so the users can access a required pen !!

    • Neon at 3:33 pm

      OK Here goes:

      Drawer 1. Social Media Executive
      Drawer 2. Web Developer
      Drawer 3. Content Strategist
      Drawer 4. Product Data Manager (Woman)
      Drawer 5. Product Data Manager (Man)
      Drawer 6. Web Designer

      • Euroffice Team at 9:01 am

        I see your reasoning Neon Strategist has Military type gear in drawer. We’ll do a reveal tomorrow.

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