Share Your Office Resolutions

Share Your Office Resolutions

Why are #Resolutions always left until the New Year, when there’s the most pressure to succeed and it’s the worst time to fail?

Let’s jiggle things up a bit! Let’s have make some #OfficeResolutions today which we can start working on now, as a warm-up to the proper sort in a few months.  Everyone is back from summer holiday and the office is busy again, so there is no better time to make some changes. Here’s to being #StuckInTheOffice all together!

What resolutions can you come up with? Comment on this post with your resolution(s) for the chance to win a Euroffice mug!


  • “I’ll katch the kitchen kriminal.”

Every office kitchen has a criminal. You’ve got the kettle-not-filler-upper and the mug leaver, but worst of all is the food thief. Well, you’re going lay a trap for them and bring them to justice.

We recommend buying a new office fridge and filling it with food that’s gloopy, brightly coloured and ready to burst – think overstuffed Tupperware. The felon, unable to resist the new spoils in your decoy, will end up with tomato sauce on their shirt (and face) and be easily identifiable.


  • “I’m going to look after my back.”

Think about how much time and cash you spend on your phone each year. Hundreds of hours and hundreds of pounds, right? And yet you’re always under pressure to replace it.

Now think about all the time you spend on an office chair. You know, the thing that’s actually helping you levitate (sort of) an affecting your posture for years to come. When’s the last time you spent any money on that?

Yeah, it’s time to get a new chair!


  • “I won’t wait for my office computer.”

Each second you spend waiting for a computer is a grain taken from your own hourglass.

If your laptop is too slow and it’s affecting your ability to work, then go and speak to your line manager about it. Explain that it’s frustrating and you’re spending more time sitting around than getting things done.

A reasoned argument will sway them and you’ll soon find yourself with a new machine.

Now you just have to angle the monitor away from your colleagues so they can’t see you watching Netflix without any buffering.  Wahay!


  • “I’m going to be a ray of sunshine.”

Have you ever noticed how the office grump brings everyone down? There she sits in the corner, all polyester and split ends. You smile, she scowls and suddenly the world seems a little bit darker.

No. No more. You’ll turn her frown upside down by going on a charm offensive. You’re going to buy the office treats and sweets, but leave them by the human raincloud.

Unable to resist your offering, soon the sugar rush will cheer her right up and the office will be a happier place because of your kindness.


  • “I’m going to leave on time.”

We’re all working harder and longer these days. Sometimes the pressure to be at the office can seem unbearable; going home on time while others are still working can feel like a betrayal.

But the truth is you do need to look after yourself. If you get home late and mentally spent, you won’t have time for a decent dinner and you’ll sleep poorly. As the stress builds up, you’ll be worn down.

So give yourself permission to leave on time. Even if it’s just once this week, get up and go when you’re supposed to. Finish the project tomorrow. Send the email in the morning.

You’ll feel better as a person and perform better as an employee.


What are YOUR resolutions? Tell us in the comments and you might be the lucky recipient of a Euroffice mug!

There are 11 comments for this article
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  2. the Office Guy downstairs at 5:11 pm

    I will fight the snooze button. My friend and nemsis all in one firghtful contraption.

  3. Laurie at 5:10 pm

    I will bring my own lunch to work every day! Okay, maybe just Monday-Thursday will do. I can still treat myself on Friday.

    • Euroffice Team at 5:03 pm

      Nothing wrong with a little ‘eyeing up’ as far as we are concerned, we’ve been doing our fair share of that too 😉

  4. Clare at 4:02 pm

    I will sort out my filing system of documents on my PC, over the past year the well intended filing process has gone a little haywire.

    • Euroffice Team at 3:56 pm

      Very good resolution, it can most frustrating, sitting at your desk trying to stick to healthy food options when someone waltzes is with ‘Fish ‘n’ Chips..

  5. Neon at 1:14 pm

    Like the one about catching the Kitchen criminal, we have people here who always leave their cups on the drainer without cleaning them and don’t get me started on how much abuse the toaster gets !!

    • Social Committee at 3:54 pm

      LOL we sent out the following email and it helped …. for a while…

      “Dear All

      Yesterday Pete wrote a heart wrenching email which I have to share…sorry Pete it is a worthy cause
      It has become apparent that we have office bullies amongst us…

      Yesterday our very own Pete fell victim to this office bullying and it must stop.

      Please read on and ask yourself…Was it you who bullied our poor Pete?

      Let’s take action to prevent this from happening again.


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