Secret Santa tips for the office

Ho, ho, oh?

Can you remember your first office Secret Santa? When I did mine, I was working with a French woman and wanted to give her something traditionally British, but also quirky.


I gave her a Cliff Richard calendar.  Cliff on the beach during sunset; Cliff in a swimming pool holding a cocktail and smiling at the camera.  She laughed when she saw it, which was a very good sign.  (Tellingly, I can’t remember what she bought me.)


How are Secret Santa preparations going in your office? Here are three tips to help you bring some memorable Christmas cheer to a colleague.

1.  Don’t overspend

If your gift limit is £5, don’t ‘cheekily’ choose something worth £6.50. Secret Santa is about fairness as well as fun.  If you spend a bit more, you might risk making other Santas grumpy.
2.  Do your research

If you don’t know your ‘Santee’, ask colleagues about their interests.  Don’t just buy something, anything, so you can tick off your part in the procedure.  (Like the time someone bought my mum an air freshener.)


3. Have a go

Giving good gifts is about taking little risks.  About seeing something in a shop and thinking ‘this just might work’.   So don’t worry about making a good impression or standing out, just have a go.

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