Roll On The Recycling – Earth Day

Roll On The Recycling – Earth Day

Back in 1970, Gary Anderson, won a competition to design the recycling symbol. The well known three arrow symbol was inspired from a primary school trip to a printing press where Gary saw paper being fed onto rollers to be printed. The arrows in the recycling symbol look like folded over paper.

Today Anderson’s logo is an everyday reminder to reduce, reuse and recycle natural resources. And with it being #EarthDay2015, we’re taking a look at how you can make your stationery order more eco friendly to be more mindful of the environment in our working lives.

Whether it’s Post-it notes or printers, you can choose from a huge range of eco-friendly office supplies. Even something as simple as address labels can be ‘green’: made of paper certified by the Forest Stewardship council (FSC), backed by a recyclable adhesive.

If you need to stock up on paper, read the label. Check its environmental credentials to see if its makers have been thrifty in their use of wood, water and energy and careful about the chemicals used in the process. When you need to store those papers you can choose archive boxes that are made of recycled cardboard.

You’ll find lots of practical info on the changes you can make in the Dummies Guide published specially for Green Office Week.

And if you’re looking for eco-friendly stationery, here are some of our favourites:

Pukka Pad Recycled Notebook

100% recycled paper, these notebooks are just as handy as the standard Pukka Pads, but give you piece of mind for the environmentally conscious.

Revive Recycled Copier Paper

Why not opt for recycled paper for your printing needs? Ideal for the eco friendly among us and great for everyday printing.

Bic Ecosolutions Stic Recycled Ball Pen

A brand you can trust, made even better. Made from recycled material, the Ecosolution Bic Pen will meet all your writing needs.

Desk Organisers

Store your Ecosolutions Bic Pens in a 100% recycled desktop organiser. The perfect partnership.

Acorn Recycling Bins

Encourage others at work to recycle their paper with a recycled waste paper bin. This one features Anderson’s recycling symbol.

Acorn Green Bin Liners

Line your bins with these eco friendly bin bags. Great for use with the Acorn recycling bins to identify your recycling waste.

Tork Tissues

Stock up on tissues in preparation of the inevitable summer cold with these recycled tissues – useful and green.



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