Reminder of the week — Are you backing up your data properly?

Whatever the reason, software failure, mechanical fault, fire and brimstone, data can get lost easily.  If you don’t back up your company data regularly, you’re putting your company at risk.

Something I recently heard about is the ‘3-2-1’ rule:

Make three copies of the file
On two different media
Store the back-up off-site or offline

We sell all sorts of media you can use to back your files up – CDs, DVDs and data tapes and cartridges.  (Tapes you say? Well, yes. Even Google uses ‘em.)  But before you start running off to turn on computers and download your files, take a few minutes to write down what you need to save.

Imagine you knew all your data would be wiped on the stroke of midnight.  What immediately comes to mind that needs rescuing?  Look around the office, talk a walk outside; are there rental contracts or vehicle lease agreements you wouldn’t normally think about?  Do you have files stored in other premises?

You never want to say ‘I wish…’ when it comes to protecting your data.

Read more on backing up your data here.

Google explains the problem and solution click here.

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