Racing folders, folding t-shirts and peeling potatoes

Racing folders, folding t-shirts and peeling potatoes

Here at Euroffice  we know that office life, much like B-movies, is a hotbed of drama and intrigue. A theatre of power.  A place where every second counts!  (Especially when you’re watching the office kitchen microwave countdown in slow motion, only for it to ping at 00:01.)

That’s why we’d thought we’d take a look at some videos about shaving those precious seconds off  everyday tasks that take forever when you’ve more important things to do.

Let’s start with an office-related one; how how a Leitz 180° Lever Arch file could save you a bit of time and hassle:


Now, when we first saw this video we did think they might have, just a teensy bit, over-estimated the difficulty of putting paper into a regular lever arch folder. But if the Leitz 180 degree file shaves a few seconds off your day, or saves a bit of frustration when you’re in a hurry, then in the long term that’s all for the good.

As much as we love Leitz, that’s not the only time-saving video on the Internet.  Here’s another of our favourites:

Ahh, yes. The perennial problem of folding clothes! One of the things we liked about the Leitz Lever Arch file clip is that the video wasn’t not too preposterous; but with the FlipFold we’re not so sure. For example, the man who couldn’t fold his clothes before. Really? I’m surprised he didn’t turn to the camera and, like some Dickensian orphan, say ‘Gawd bless you, FlipFold!’.

But for truly I’m-not-so-sure-that’d-save-time, time saving, we have to go to Japan, potato-peeling capital of the world!

Now, I realise that if you work in an office you’re unlikely to have to peel potatoes as part of your paperwork. And, the thought of dealing with boiling water and getting a load of ice might seem to cut into your peeling time. Yet if you have some spud-related emergency, perhaps a conference call or a board meeting that needs catering, this video might well see you King Edward of the office, celebrated with your own Maris Piper band. (Oh dear!)

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