Pride, Balls & Mud

Pride, Balls & Mud

Sick of football?  Then get fabulous, get fit and get grooving with these summer events.


Get your Pride on


On Saturday 28th June London will host the wonderful Pride parade.  As if the floats and costumes aren’t going to be mental enough, Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst is headlining.


What’s also cool is that the 28th is Armed Forces Day, so members of the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force will be marching as well.   Are you going to party for patriotism?


New balls please


At last, some sporting respite for #footballwidows.  Now that Wimbledon is on, you can take advantage of free tennis lessons and coaching sessions – just the thing to inspire the next Andy Murray.


Organised by the Lawn Tennis Association, there are free sessions across the country on 28 – 29 June and 19 – 20 July.  Head over to their website to see what’s happening near you.


All music, no mud


#Glastonbury 2014 runs from 27 – 29 June.   Of course it’s sold out now-presumably to people called Tarquin and Olivia with vegan tents and expensive shoes – but you can register your interest to attend, if places become available or watch the bands play on the BBC, or see what free musical events are going on in your area.


If you really want a festival experience, just invite the neighbours round to trample mud into your carpets and block your loo.

Watch on TV


If you are unable to make it to any of these, you can always find something more local and best of all FREE.

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  2. Euroffice Customer at 1:05 pm

    Nope sorry, I’ll still be glued to the box (even if England did once again fall at the first hurdle). I don’t mind the Polish guys who work here having a laugh at our expense, and I’ve even come to terms with the Scottish guys taking the Michael, but when the Welsh start laughing at you, you know how diabolical the team have performed !!

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