Pick a pack of printer paper

I think I’m a reasonably patient person, but there’s one thing that really riles me. It’s when I’m in a hurry to print a document in the office and the printer runs out of paper. Or I find that there’s a paper jam and someone has put colour paper in a black and white printer.

It’s not too difficult to work out which office machine – photocopier, inkjet or laser printer or colour printer – needs what kind of paper. But often you’ll find, having slaved over a report and embellished it with colour graphs, that it’s been printed on black and white paper. The printout doesn’t do your work justice and it’s a waste of time and resources.

So here’s an idea: take a photo of the pack of paper that’s needed for each printer or photocopier and stick on the machine in a prominent place, with a printed message about only refilling the trays with this paper. That should remind more forgetful colleagues to pay more attention when loading fresh paper into the machine.

If you do need to stock up on paper, then we have a great range and we are the cheapest in the market – guaranteed. To start with there’s Euroffice’s own brand of 80gsm A4 copier paper and many other lines from brands such as Xerox, Epson, Evolve and Datacopy.

And just to give you that extra motivation, from 12 October, when you buy two boxes of Evolve paper (that’s 10 reams), you get a Bayliss & Harding Handwash Gift set.  Or alternatively order two boxes of Datacopy paper and you can claim a £5 Love2shop voucher.

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