Painted signs and overhead projectors

An unexpected way to personalise your premises.

If you need to give your premises a new look have you thought about using an overhead projector?

Like me, your memories of overhead projectors might start in the classroom with teachers accidentally writing on walls and whiteboards because that’s where their notes are being projected. And while it might be tempting to assume the projector is only useful in classrooms, that might be a mistake.

Interior design blog Sawdust & Embryos (unusual name) explains how you can make a room more glamorous with an overhead projector.  Find a design you like, print it onto acetate and then project the image onto the wall.  Trace over the image and paint. The blog’s owners did their kitchen, but this would work in any business where creativity and quirky interiors are a selling point.  (Of course you could also use an overhead projector to make your own signs, or work on window displays.)

Finally, if your business happens to have access to an artistic techie, perhaps you could get them to rig up a projector as a musical instrument?

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