Office Grumps – worst of the worst?

My computer was acting up yesterday.  Despite rebooting it three times over the course of the day, it was still slow and unreliable.  Needless to say, I was annoyed.

IT problems can be incredibly frustrating and, according to a new survey, over one third of office workers agree with me.  The survey from Opinium Research shows 36% of office workers believe that computer breakdowns are one of the top annoyances in the office.

However (perhaps surprisingly), it’s not top of the list when it comes to the worst office irritants.  That honour – by just 1% – belongs to moody workmates.  37% of those surveyed say it’s hard to work when their office-mates are grumpy or irritable.  I have to agree with them there.  Computer problems may be a pain, but I’ll take them over grumpy colleagues any day!

Some other things office workers can’t bear include gossiping or backstabbing colleagues, workers who speak too loudly on the phone, dirty toilets and poor heating or air conditioning.

What do you think?  Are grumpy co-workers the worst thing you put up with in the office?

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