Off to the home office?

You’ve probably seen recent press reports that there’s been a surge in the sale of home office furniture.

According to one major retailer, sales were up 14%, with the increase most noticeable in the South East; we may have the Olympics to thank for this as people get ready to bypass the commute into the office and work from home.

But there are a couple of other factors that could also account for the increased demand for desks and chairs to furnish a home office, not only in the Olympic venue areas but across the country.

For one thing, more and more people are looking to find a better work life balance and therefore considering working from home.

In fact, the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that almost half (48.4%) of all adults in Great Britain say they have ‘a relatively low satisfaction with their work-life balance’.

And secondly, the ONS says there are 4.08 million self-employed people in the country. Even if a fraction of those people were planning to buy home office furniture this summer, that’s a huge number.

But what is more interesting is that, even though many of us have laptops and Wi-Fi access at home, this kind of set-up is not enough to create a home office. That’s why we still need to have a well-equipped office, with a sturdy desk, comfy chair, filing and storage space, and good lighting, to make homeworking a productive venture.

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