Not taking advantage of online? Say goodbye to £500m

Retailers could be losing out on big bucks by not making the best use of their online presence, according to a new report. Clearly, just being online isn’t enough anymore.

According to research done by agency Head London, and analysed by Oxford Economics, big companies such as Dixons, Phones4U and Morrisons could have lost up to £500m in online sales.

The premise seems to be that having an online presence – or even selling things online –  isn’t enough these days. You’ve got to get all your channels working together, so that the you’re making the most of people checking your website, using your smartphone app (your business has one right?) and so on. Maybe there are tips that small businesses could take on board.

I suppose the key thing to consider is this: businesses don’t decide how they operate online, customers do. If someone wants to shop by browsing from their mobile, you should cater for that decision. If you don’t, you could end up losing the customer.

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