Microsoft’s Bing gets reward programme

Microsoft are trying to get people to use its search engine Bing. How? By creating a reward programme.

I’ve had a look at Bing and see that I can earn points towards DVDs, donations to charity, kitchen equipment, electronics and so on. But, here’s the kicker, I can’t actually figure out what I’m supposed to do. I assume I have to search for things – and I have to install a toolbar – but I’m not sure if there’s anything else required.

Rewards can be nice little extras for customers – that’s part of the reason we use them – but they’ve got to be part of an overall package and simple to earn. For example, it’s easy to earn Euroffice reward points just by doing stuff you were doing anyway. There’s no ambiguity, no toolbars to install and no fuss. And we hope you’d like us to begin with, not just because of our products or prices, but our attitude and customer services – and the way we realise we’re a small business too, just like most of our customers.

Bing’s reward-scheme preview

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