Meet the Cardboard Office

Meet the Cardboard Office

A Dutch advertising agency’s office was made entirely out of cardboard – and looked fantastic.

We’ve mentioned cardboard furniture on the blog before, but this is the first time I’ve seen an entirely-cardboard office space. (Well, apart from the building it’s in.)

I’m not sure if Nothing, the agency, still has this office but I hope it does. In the video you’ll see that everything arrives flat-packed and made out of cardboard – office chairs, office tables – and is then assembled in the office space.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that all of it looks very stylish. Given they’re using cardboard one would understand if the design was more function than form, but there’s a kind of art-deco industrialism to the look. It’s almost like they’ve taken the structure of a building – girders, frames and joists – and decided to place it in a room.

Given that it looks designed, rather than off-the-shelf, I imagine it wasn’t cheap to do. But I’d like to see if this sort of technology was readily available to fit other office spaces and, indeed, even homes. I can see furniture like this being great for start-ups and first-time buyers.

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