Many small business owners sacrificing health for wealth

More than a quarter of small business owners are risking their health by putting their work first – a move that could be detrimental to their well-being AND their business.

In a recent survey, 26 per cent of small business owners said they missed, cancelled or put off health appointments in 2009 because of work commitments. In addition, those bosses with 11 or more employees found it most difficult to get away from work, 41 per cent saying they are guilty of failing to honour health appointments.

The survey, commissioned by Abbey and Alliance & Leicester, went on to show that one in three small business owners is currently working more than 50 hours per week and 15 per cent work 65 hours or more. Consequently, those working a 50+ hour work week are most likely to de-prioritise their health appointments – 43 per cent saying they have done so.

Economic difficulties are forcing many small business owners to work longer hours and extra hard, but making time for doctor’s appointments should be a priority. Paula Ickinger of Abbey and Alliance & Leicester, pointed out: “Missing health appointments for the sake of a heavy workload can be counter-productive in the long run, and small business owners should find a way of managing their work-life balance, taking the pressure off themselves a little and ensuring they don’t sacrifice their health for their wealth.”

How very true. Not looking after yourself properly can certainly lead to some serious consequences. Skipping a medical appointment one day because you feel your business and staff need the attention could turn into even more time missed later should your health deteriorate. Take care, small business owners!

Has the state of the economy affected your work-life balance? Are you working more hours now compared to a year ago?

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