Lost Bic Atlantis

Lost Bic Atlantis

Losing a treasured stationery item is always hard, be it a pen, pencil, ruler or stapler. You spend hours hunting, wondering and obsessing over where it could have got to, turning everything on your desk upside down, going into every nook and cranny you could possibly think of.

You’re constantly lifting red papers, blue papers, writing paper, lever arch files, document wallets and your keyboard, even though you looked under all of those only a matter of minutes ago and raiding your colleagues desks (possibly even holding their pens, paper, staplers etc hostage for even the slightest of information).

This also involves accusing people and throwing around dirty looks to anyone that comes within 50 metres of your workspace. All this has happened to me recently and I’m now at a loss at where to go from here!

I lost my pen. It’s not what I would call an ‘in demand’ type of pen — it’s old, the rubber grip is peeling off and it’s almost empty, but I feel cheated and I want it back! I wanted to use it to the end of its life and then probably, and quite sadly, would have disposed of it carefully, with the respect it deserved. But alas, I must conclude that this dear friend has left me forever and so I say goodbye
(although I will not give up hope of its return).

Dear Bic Alantis ballpoint pen — you were great. We had some good times and had been through a lot of meetings, phone calls, doodles and sums together. You were so faithful, always there for me and never complained or judged. You will be greatly missed and I can only hope that, wherever you are now, you are happy and cared for.

Saying that (and knowing that we must always move forward) I have started a new relationship with a Pilot Rubbergrip black ballpoint pen and will let you know how we get on!

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