Locked Filing Cabinets

Locked Filing Cabinets

When I was  a child, my parents had a home office, a mysterious room that my brother and I weren’t supposed to go into into. Of course, as typically curious, rebellious and cheeky kids, whenever we were left to our own devices, we went straight for the office, opening drawers and climbing under the desk. Hitting the keys on the keyboard, dialling numbers on the phone and pretty much just snooping – being very careful, if we moved anything, to put it back in place.

Now, if some parents out there are reading this and thinking that we were unruly, naughty little children… Well, I think that we were just doing what all children do – exploring the world and finding out its limits. (Why, you probably did the same thing.) It’s the way of the world, that as soon as a child is told not to go somewhere or not to peek into something, as soon as your back is turned, he or she will scamper off and do just those things.

There was, however, one place we could not get into. Our nemesis was my parent’s large 4-drawer filing cabinet. This was always locked, which of course made us extremely resourceful. You see, we’d watched TV programmes where MacGyver used the most obscure items to pull off seemingly impossible tasks. We brought out safety pins and paper clips, bending and sticking them into the lock, once even trying to pour cooking oil through the gap so it would be slippery, hoping the drawer would open.

We used the best of our creative juices on this filing cabinet and, ultimately, everything we thought of came down to the cabinet. “Where have they hidden our Christmas presents?” “THE FILING CABINET“. It was the natural answer for all the hard questions.


Back then, the cabinet seemed huge to us. Standing 4 drawers high, out of bounds and with our budgie sat atop it keeping guard. Finally, after years of mystery about the cabinet’s contents, we came to move house and finally found out out what was in those drawers. “Maybe they forgot about a present in there,” my brother said, “maybe the bottom drawer is filled with sweets,” he fantasised.

Sadly there were no presents or sweets, just some rather anti-climactic “important documents” in it and these had then be put in storage boxes marked “Important”. (The kind of thing adults care about, but for kids is a little less exciting.)

Now the moral of this story is not for the children but for the adults. Should you need a secure place for your documents in an office environment or at home, you cannot beat the locked filing cabinet. These are child-proof and in many cases adult-proof too (unless you are the one with the key).

I have since come across this filing cabinet, and while to my horror, it is somewhat smaller than I remembered, it’s still locked and still impenetrable without the key.

Here at Euroffice, we stock over 60 different filing cabinets of every shape and size. The most popular seem to be the Trexus 4-drawer filing cabinet and the Bisley black 4-drawer filing cabinet. So whatever secrets you need to lock away from the kids, these are the tools for the job.

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