Liqourice allsorts and Christmas treats

I remember using Edding’s fineliner pens years ago. They’re hard to forget, if only because of the distinctive striped pattern that the pens have, reminiscent of liquorice allsorts. Unfortunately, I don’t like liquorice. But I do like Edding fineliner pens.

The pens have a 0.3mm nib ‘set in metal case to protect and support’. Which makes them sound a bit like RoboCop. They use water-based ink and have, according to Edding,
a ‘long write out length’. I suspect this unusual phrasing might be because Edding is a German company. Translated properly into English, I think it means ‘It’ll write loads of words before running out, innit?’.

While these tidbits are useful, the true test of a pen is how it feels. More importantly, how it feels to you. Obviously I am not you. (If I am, then I don’t remember and we have a plot for a sci-fi film.) But for me, the Edding is a fine pen. It isn’t my favourite fineliner, I prefer one with a slightly thicker cylinder, however it’s excellent for sketching and doodling, so if you find yourself in meetings having to draw plans or diagrams, then fineliners from Edding are a good choice.

We have a special offer on Edding fineliner pens at the moment – get two boxes for the price of three. With that kind of deal, they’d be great for the office or, if you know people that like to sketch and draw, as little stocking-filler presents for Christmas. The pens are available in different colours, so you could get three different ones and see what kind of sketches the recipients of your presents come up with. Plus, because of the striped designed, the red and white ones would look like candy canes!

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