Labelling the future

A small mention on a forum gives us an unusual insight into a familiar brand.

On a forum about the space race, there’s a series of fascinating posts from someone who, as a university student, helped out at NASA. In particular, they appear to have been around when Apollo 13 happened.

The stories are from the late 1960s and 1970s, when everything about space was still new and exciting – including Dymo labels. As the writer says:

“Dymo” tape labelers were considered ‘high-tech’ at the time and they were all over NASA – Dymo labels on the hat gave my name on the back, and “SKYLAB C/S” on the front.

It’s charming to read about these enormous, expensive, projects and realise that the people on them were still excited by small things like Dymo labels. It shows that products we might now take for granted were once new and surprising – even at NASA.

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