Kitting out the home office

In the current economic climate (man, I hate that phrase) more and more people are deciding to set up their offices at home. The advantages are pretty clear: no more brief-but-intimate introductions to the armpits of strangers on the Tube, more flexible working hours and a much tastier lunch are just a few.  I even tried it myself once –  with London brought to a standstill by snow earlier in the year, I had no choice but to go about my day’s work in the safe, warm confinement of my tiny bedroom.

Armed with my trusty laptop, a stack of CDs and a constant flow of coffee, it took me no time at all to realize that I was in a far from perfect working environment. Not only were pins and needles setting in after half-an-hour of sitting cross legged on my bed, but the temptation of the Xbox was slowly taking its grasp. Good job this was just a one off.

For those people thinking of setting themselves up to work from home, having a dedicated work space should be a high priority, even if it’s only tiny. There are plenty of options available for space saving home office workstations and home office desks, and they’re not that expensive either. Take this Influx Workstation as an example. There’s plenty of room for your PC and a printer, the keyboard shelf tucks neatly away when you’re done and there’s space for CDs, a bit of paperwork and all your usual desktop bits and bobs.

With the workstation sorted, it’s time to look at filing. Now we all know that filing cabinets take up quite a bit of space, and that nasty goose-grey look really isn’t that great for a home office. There are, however, filing cabinets specifically designed for the Small Office/Home Office (or SoHo, as we like to call it) environment. Here is a perfect example of a quality, stylish home filing cabinet.  It looks good, it doesn’t take up much room and it’ll hold a fair few A4 suspension files.

For me, the key part to kitting out your home office is a nice, comfy chair. With new ranges of office furniture becoming more and more contemporary in terms of  design, it’s becoming easier to find seating with the functionality of an office chair  but with a look that wouldn’t be out of place in the home.  Here’s my pick for your ideal home office chair. With adjustable seat height and tilt and covered in a soft but durable mesh fabric, it ticks all the boxes for functionality and comfort.

Now you’re sitting comfortably, it’s time to bring out the big guns; take a look at this superb home office desk.  The 37mm thick desk top and walnut finish are a true sign of quality and the integral pedestal drawers allow for filing and even have a built in pen tray. It may be a little excessive, but if you’ve got the room why not work at home in style? You can even add a matching bookcase.

So now all the furniture is kitted out, it’s time to start looking for PCs, printers, fax machines and the like. But that’s for another day.

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