It can only be Wimbledon…at work!

Now that’s great if you’ve got time on your hands, but most of us are slugging it out at work, catching a look on iPlayer (during our lunch hour of course) and dismayed at the queues at the local tennis courts.

Well let’s not despair. If you can’t go to the tennis or book a court, simply bring the tennis to you.

All you’ll need is:

  • A couple of monitors (they can act as the net)
  • Someone to play with
  • 2 office desks
  • A ball of paper (we’d recommend a good A4 paper)

All games are at the player’s risk – don’t want a sudden surge in ‘Had an accident at work? Not your fault’ adverts.

I’m sure that it’ll be fun for two weeks. After that you’ll probably be able to book a real tennis court.

[These top tennis tips were written by Chris.  Thanks!]

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