Introducing the Euroffice Essentials Range

Introducing the Euroffice Essentials Range

When it comes to office supplies, we’re the product experts!

We’ve developed a range of high quality office essentials that don’t cost the earth. From paper reams and storage boxes to highlighters and sticky notes, we’ve got your office needs covered, whether you’re a small or large company or working from your home office.

Euroffice Essentials is proud to bring you great quality office products without the price tag.

Why should big brands always have the best products?

Euroffice A4 Paper Ream-Wrapped 80gsm

Euroffice A4 Printer Paper 80gsm

A must-have for every busy office. This multi-purpose paper will give your documents and reports a professional look – and it’s suitable for double-sided printing.

Despite its low price, this paper is manufactured to ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental) standards.   Our customers are pleased with it too. Here’s what one review said….

…”Very good paper, great price. Finally we don’t have any troubles with our printer any more. We have an ink jet printer and had always problems with other papers. With this one everything is ok. 


Euroffice Highlighters Chisel Tip 1-4mm Line

Euroffice Highlighter Pens Chisel Tip

Based on a design classic, but without the high price, these highlighters are just what you need when making notes and marking important documents. They have a chisel-style nib that gives you the flexibility to write in broad strokes or fine lines.

One Euroffice customer also appreciated the quality of the tip and the highlighter’s ink.

” It is unusual to have a red highlighter in our office and they have gone down a treat! I usually buy a 4 pack of highlighters but this pack was better value for money so I am very pleased!”


Euroffice Repositionable Sticky Notes

Euroffice Repositionable Sticky Notes

Every desk needs a pack of Euroffice Essentials sticky notes. Place them on your monitor to remind you of important dates and projects, or use them to pass information to colleagues.

They won’t leave a mark on surfaces and, thanks to the clever adhesive can be repositioned again and again, which one of our customers really liked.

“This larger sticky note is great for message taking in the office, it can be stuck onto paper or even onto laptop screen”


Euroffice Correction Fluid

Euroffice Correction Fluid

Our white correction fluid is one of those Euroffice products that you won’t realise you need until you miss it. Whether you’re using it to blank out details on photocopied documents or repurpose envelopes, this is definitely an office stationery item you should have to hand.

And it does the job in one clean sweep, as one customer said.

“I used this for both typed and penned in writing. It does the job with no problems and you can easily write over it once dry.”


Euroffice Storage Box Red and White

Euroffice Archive Boxes

If you need to store bulky documents easily, then turn to our range of Essentials storage boxes. They have single-wall sides and double-wall ends to allow for easy stacking and can hold up to 15kg of evenly distributed weight. That’s equivalent to around 3,000 sheets of our Euroffice Essentials A4 80gsm paper.

These hardy boxes have offered a practical and space-saving solution for one customer.

“Excellent value. Boxes are large and strong, easy to put together. What more can you ask. Larger than the average storage box. It took much more than I anticipated..


Euroffice Spiral Notepad Ruled

Euroffice Spiral Notepad

An office classic, our Essentials spiral notepad has 150 sheets of feint-ruled paper. Keep it by your phone to make notes about important calls, or use it to write your to-do lists. And you can easily tear off sheets to share information with colleagues.

The notepad is tough enough to survive office life, as one pleased purchaser noted.

“It’s just what it says on the tin! I find it hard to justify buying these when we have so much scrap paper, however, saves many moans from staff! So go for the cheapest I can.”


Euroffice Medium Clear Ball Pen

Euroffice Black Clear Ball Pen

Nobody likes to scramble around for something to write with, so keep your stationery cupboard stocked with these ball pens. They’ve got clear shatterproof bodies, and the medium point enables you to write smoothly with a crisp black line on the page.

These ball pens are just like more expensive products, but without any of the extra cost – as one customer found.

“Fantastic value for 50 pens. Nice to write with, no ink smears, so brilliant as far as I am concerned. Would certainly purchase again! Would highly recommend if you need a good stock of pens for a low price, that does the job they were made for, cannot say more than that!”


Euroffice Presentation Ring Binder

Euroffice A4 Ring Binder PVC

A smart ring binder adds the final touch to any business presentation (or student project). But it can also protect important documents. Our Essentials extra-wide binders have a heavyweight plastic covering for toughness and clear pockets on the front and spine, so you can easily mark their contents.

They’re perfect for workplaces where durability is a must and are particularly liked by teachers, as one customer told us.

“Used this for presentation of my work as a teacher. I was able to show off my work to full advantage. A good quality file.”


Euroffice A1 Perforated Flipchart

Euroffice A1 Perforated Flipchart

If you hold a lot of boardroom discussions and meetings to thrash out ideas, then stock up on our Essentials perforated A1 flipcharts. The large size provides ample space for jotting notes, scribbling ideas and drawing diagrams, helping you to brainstorm at length. And the specially coated paper stops ink bleeding through.

If you need to carry your notes with you, the perforated paper makes them easy to tear off and take away. A great example of how our brand is better than the big brands, as one reviewer noted.

“I thought I would try this paper out as the price attracted me to it. I have to say that the quality is really good, I don’t think I will need to ever pay any more for other brands in the future. Perforated at the top so that the sheets can be taken off which is great.”


Euroffice Plastic Shatterproof Ruler

Euroffice Shatterproof Ruler - Blue


A classic of school desks for many years, blue shatterproof rulers are a must for anyone working in an office. Whether you’re trying to get a straight edge on folded paper, or measure space on the wall for marketing materials, rulers are more useful than you’d imagine.

Perhaps that’s why they keep disappearing, as one customer revealed.

“For some reason rulers keep going missing in my office so I had a look and saw these. Great colour, perfect length, good quality and every desk should definitely have one!”


Final Thoughts…about our Euroffice Essentials range.

As an experiment, I added each of these items to a shopping basket and did the same for similar products from big brands – the stationery you pay a premium for.

At the time of writing, the Euroffice Essentials basket was 300% cheaper.

An astounding figure and a clear example of how choosing our own Euroffice products can make a huge difference to your budget.


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There are 5 comments for this article
  1. Neon at 7:53 am

    Just one of the many reasons why I continue to shop with you guys, even the products that are dearer have a price match guarantee… Add the free gifts and the free delivery, and it’s hard to think of a reason to shop elsewhere !!

  2. Anonymous at 7:23 pm

    Personally I love the highlighters, especially the red one, and I don’t understand anyone would pay more for office paper when they can get Euroffice premium paper at such a low cost. Don’t get me started on the Euroffice ink, it’s a no-brainer! No reason to keep paying for fancy boxes when the ink inside is better than the main brains.

    • Euroffice Team at 11:00 am

      Thanks for your loyalty, the Euroffice company itself uses all it’s own brand items in the office, so as a user of these products, i’d have to agree with you totally… even if i am a little bias 🙂

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