I’m a Stationery Spotter

I’m a Stationery Spotter

Hello dear readers!

I found a BBC interview with Serena Williams in which she talks about Sticky notes. Apparently she writes them to herself before a match to motivate herself. Presumably they say helpful things such as ‘You can do this’, ‘You’re the best!’, ‘Don’t start going mental at line judges’ and so on.

As it happens, spotting references to stationery has become a little game to play with whoever I’m watching telly or a film – the first one to call out, wins.

There are rules of course:

first, you can’t point out stationery that’s just in the scene. If you did, you’d be shouting whenever you saw someone write something, pick up some paper and so on. That’s too common and not worth any points.

No, the only stationery you can refer to is important stationery. The Serena Williams interview is perfect — she’s asked about sticky notes.

To make up an example, if you were watching a thriller and a cop said ‘Whenever the killer strikes, he leaves a stapler at the scene’, then that’s a fair one claim. You can also call out if there’s stationery (or an office product) central to a scene, even if it isn’t mentioned; one example is the exploding pen scene in Golden Eye, which I believe starred a Parker Jotter.

From now on, I’ll endeavour to write about it whenever I see stationery mentioned on TV or in films etc. Likewise, if you spot some let us know. We’ll write about it, credit you and we’ll see if we can rustle up a little present for you, too. Of course you have to be the first one to mention it to qualify, otherwise everyone will write in with the same thing!



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