HP offering free printer cartridge recycling

HP offering free printer cartridge recycling

Planet Partner programme will save the earth for you

HP is offering a free recycling service for empty, original, HP printer ink cartridges. It’s available in the UK to personal, SME and even enterprise users.

The basic idea is that you print out one of HP’s postage-paid address labels, pop your cartridge in an envelope and send it back to them. They’ll deal with it and make sure it doesn’t go to landfill. Plastic recovered in recycling will go to making new ink and toner cartridges. (Remarkably, HP has made one billion ink cartridges using ‘post-consumer recycled material’.)

If you need to send a lot of ink cartridges back, the company even has a bulk returns service for high-volume users. HP sends out boxes, free of charge, that can hold up to 30 HP laserjet cartridges and 200 HP inkjet cartridges. I believe there’s even a service where HP will come up and pick up bulk amounts of cartridges for free.

If you find your office is filling up with empty ink cartridges, why not see if HP can help take them off your hands?


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