How to build a pencil crossbow

pencil cross-bow
From the book Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction by John Austin, and picture courtesy of, we’ve got this handy-dandy guide to building a crossbow out of pencils! (And a pen.)As fun as this little project looks, it also looks quite dangerous; I don’t want anyone reading this to end up in casualty because they ended up with a pencil in their eye. If you’re going to build this, don’t fire it around other people. Instead, practice at home on a pillow, alone. And wearing a crash helmet, lest your bolt pings off a lampshade and heads straight back at you.Have you had any inspirational ideas for in office warfare? Have you made any deadly weapons using everyday inconspicuous office supplies? If so then let us know your stories and the number of colleagues that you have so far felled – who knows we could suggest the government realign their trident funding to a more low key affair.

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