How shredders can reduce the risk of ID fraud

Identity fraud is a serious issue and it’s unfortunately one that affects multiple people in the UK each year. Towards the end of 2012, it was identified that the UK was the nation with the biggest identity fraud problem in the whole of Europe, with almost a quarter of UK residents affected in 2012 alone.

The majority of cases of identity fraud begin with someone stealing personal information from somebody else. Once this personal data is obtained, the fraudster can use it to access your money, property, open bank accounts and effectively become you. Identity fraud can lead to financial loss and a feeling of vulnerability not to mention a shedload of paperwork.

However there are solutions to help prevent identity fraud from occurring in the first place. Read on to find out how shredders, and in particular the Fellowes 73Ci shredder, can help to reduce the risk of ID fraud.


Confetti-cut is vital
When it comes to shredding your personal information and highly confidential data, it is of the utmost importance that you ensure the shredder you’re using is doing the job properly. While many standard shredders are useful for getting rid of unwanted paper and documents, the best type of shredder to fully make sure that your items are properly reduced is a confetti-cut shredder.

The Fellowes 73Ci shredder incorporates the confetti-cut function to ensure that all of your information, be it work documents, bank statements or CDs, is reduced to such a size that it is unidentifiable and cannot be pieced back together. This machine is even capable of shredding credit cards. With such high numbers of identity fraud cases in the UK, it is vital that you take extra precautions when destroying data containing personal information. Rather than simply cutting your credit card in half, make sure it is properly disposed of and destroyed by shredding it.


Look out for extra security and safety features
With a security level of 3-confidential, you can rest assured that the Fellowes 73Ci shredder can be used for documents of even the highest confidentiality in nature. What’s more, the shredder is extremely safe to use as it features Fellowes Safe Sense technology. This in-built sensor runs even when the shredder is not in use and ensures that accidents don’t happen like fingers getting trapped. It senses touch and hand movements so as soon as anyone comes into contact with the actual machine, it automatically stops shredding.

The 73Ci model is suitable for one to three users which makes it ideal for use in the home or in a small business. For those using it within an office environment, SilentShred technology helps to minimise workplace disruption. If you’re fed up with your current shredder constantly becoming jammed, you’ll love the fact that this model is 100 per cent jam proof and comes complete with a two year warranty.

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  1. Euroffice Customer at 1:16 pm

    This is unfortunately one of those scenarios that always seems to happen to someone else… Until it happens to you… Get a shredder and use it !!!

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