How Does YOUR Commute Compare?

With the rush hour crowds, traffic jams, packed trains and buses and even train driver shortages to deal with, it’s no wonder 62 per cent of British workers want to reduce the time they spend commuting to and from work everyday.

According to a survey by Citrix GoToMyPC, the most frustrating issues commuters face daily are:

1.  Being stuck in traffic
2.  Issues with public transport
3.  Travelling in the dark
4.  Costs

Talk about stressful!  And that’s not even taking into account the amount of time spent on commuting.  The Trades Union Congress estimates that workers in the UK spend an average of 52.6 minutes a day just getting to and from work.  Those in London are even worse off, spending an average of 78 minutes en route.

Some businesses offer their employees flexible work hours or the option to work remotely from home in order to cut down on commuting times and costs.

Would you take advantage of flexible work hours or working remotely if you could?  And how does your commute compare to the national average?

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