How do Brits really feel about the office Christmas Party? The results are in!

Once a year, in pretty much every office around the country, the email will arrive announcing the office Christmas party. Although we think our Christmas Party is great, we know not everyone feels the same, so we thought we’d commission a survey of 1000 Britons to find out what you really think about your work related festive celebrations, (as well as giving you the opportunity to share some saucy tales)!

Apathy Reigns at Christmas

A whopping 59% of you were apathetic about your Christmas party. Bah humbug! Worryingly though, 14% of you said you we angry and 10% were stressed!


All I want For Christmas is Cash

Although we get that Christmas is an expensive time of year, it was still a little surprising that almost 9 out 10 people would rather have the cash value of the money spent on the party than actually go to the party. Where’s your Christmas cheer?


Did you see someone kissing Santa Claus? (or a colleague)

For a party so many of you were apathetic about, Office Christmas parties are apparently saucier than a Carry On film. We’re not sure what’s more shocking, that 43% of people have seen someone cheat on their partner at an office party or that 6% of you have seen someone cheat on a partner who was at the same party!


We had to delve a little deeper into this, so we asked for some stories and these are just a couple of the replies we received:
‘Chris’, from a Home Counties marketing company:
“One Christmas Party I’d been good and not enjoyed the free bar too much. Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for one of the new marketing girls. She had got plastered by 8, and after she had made a few drunken passes (and gropes) of the MD I was told to take her home. No taxi would take her, so I had to call my sister to give us a lift. Once in the car she was so drunk she couldn’t remember where she lived. So we had to call her parents to find out. We eventually got her home, but not before she’d projectiled all over my sister’s new car. She even managed to hit the dashboard from the back seat.”

‘Tracey’, from a London law firm:
“The whole office knew two of the more senior lawyers were having an affair. We were still a little surprised when they disappeared together, even though their partners were still at the party. It made for some pretty awkward chat over canapés.”

It turns out that when it comes to the idea of making out with a colleague we are a prudish bunch, as 74% of you said it wasn’t ok to kiss a colleague at an Office Christmas bash.


In practice, however, you are not so pure. More than a third of you have kissed a colleague over Christmas drinks!


Dancing like no-one is watching (or not)

Your biggest fear at a Christmas office party is the age-old worry about having people laugh at your dancing. A particularly British fear we might suggest! The other scenario that fills you with dread is attracting the drunken attentions of a more senior colleague. If that happens, we hope you remind them that disciplinary processes can be started just as easily after the office party than at any other time.


You can see these results in our infographic here. If you’ve got any fun Christmas Party stories to share, why not add them in the comments? Just remember, keep them clean-ish and anonymous.

You can see the results of this survey in this infogrpahic:

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