Hot in the City

Most of us don’t look forward to commuting to and from work everyday – especially if you work in London and have to take the Tube.

Battling the daily rush-hour crowds and riding in a train smashed up against fellow commuters is bad enough, but on top of this, during the warmer months of the year, commuters in the capital are forced to tolerate some pretty hot temperatures underground – not to mention all those sweaty, stinky people.

Transport for London (TfL) recently issued a map revealing the hottest spots on the Tube network.

Unbelievably, temperatures in some central London tunnels hit 32 degrees and higher.  No barbecue summer this year?  No problem!  Perhaps Boris can just open up the tunnels of the Bakerloo Line this weekend and we can all move down there to eat our burgers and drink some ice-cold lager.

They say relief is coming.  If you’re lucky enough to live on one of the four sub-surface lines, you’ll be able to bask in climate-controlled air come 2010 when air-conditioned trains are planned to be rolled out.

But those of us travelling on the deeper lines, good old-fashioned strategy will have to suffice:  find the space in the car that gets the optimal breeze when the train finally moves again, plant your feet firmly on the floor so no one invades your space and, most importantly, avoid standing too close to those with their arms raised.

We’re all in this together, sweaty or not.

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