He’s a jolly good Fellowes

…for giving us laminating tips

If you’ve got documents that are used frequently, or paper items that need to withstand tough conditions, then laminating them can be the answer.

Maybe you have been putting together an important presentation about your business. Lamination can keep the pages pristine and prevent them getting dog-eared, so you won’t have to think twice about showing it to clients or customers.

Perhaps you’ve got a garage business and keep product or price lists for customers. Or you run a boutique and want to showcase photos of your work.  With lamination you can avoid the need to copy or reprint, and increase the shelf life of your marketing or promotional materials.

Fellowes make laminators and have come up with five tips on how to get the best from this handy office machine.  Admittedly the tips are rather simple, but it’s always good to be reminded about the basics.

(If you were wondering, Wikipedia says that a micrometre/micron is one millionth of a metre.  Just in case you weren’t sure if that’s big or not, it says ‘A micron is very small’.)


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