Has eco-paper met its Waterloo?

Paper testing

Here at Euroffice Towers we have a dilemma.Because we’re eco-conscious we urge people to think about their use of paper,and recycle what they use. But that way, it seems lies itchy bums.

According to an American chemical industry report, it is now becoming increasingly difficult to make truly soft toilet paper. Why?Because there is a shortage of high quality paper to make loo roll that is kind to your behind.

Of course, we sell a variety of paper, from our own ecologically-sourced range to other well known printer paper brands such as Conqueror, HP and Epson. But globally email is the order of the day and print usage is falling. Paper manufacturers say that more and more of the recycled white office paper now available itself contains a high proportion of recycled paper, which is not so good for making luxurious loo roll. So chemists have had to put on their experimental hats, developing coatings and resins to create that tender touch to satisfy picky customers.

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