Happy Birthday MTV

Happy Birthday MTV

Happy 33rd birthday MTV


#MTV launched on 1 August 1981.   We’ve got a special birthday coming up too.


Music Television changed the world by launching the right product at the right time, but it wasn’t an easy start.  Here’s how founder Bob Pittman describes it in the book I Want My MTV:


‘The first hour of MTV was a total, unmitigated disaster.  The VJs would announce, “That was Styx,” right after we’d played REO Speedwagon.  They’d say “This is the Who,” and a .38 Special video would begin.  Everything that could have gone did go wrong.  It was probably one of the worst nights in my life.’


Let’s have a reminder of that shaky start with the first video they played: The Buggles’ Video Killed The Radio Star.



Soon enough, MTV affected how artists made and marketed #music. If you didn’t have a video, you couldn’t get airtime and if you didn’t have a good video, airtime wouldn’t matter.


Could Michael Jackson’s #Thriller have become the world’s best-selling album if the company hadn’t played the video twice an hour to a music-hungry audience?



The company changed the world – and then the world changed the company.


With the ubiquity of file sharing and the MP3, music was everywhere and the market had changed.  In 2010 the firm reinvented itself as a content creator and broadcaster for all types of media.  It wanted to share more than just pop music.


That’s why, on MTV’s birthday, we’re announcing changes of our own – we’re bringing you a new blog.


Bigger, brighter and bolder, our jazzy new blog is our way of sharing more than just stationery.   We want to give you a place where you can find all sorts of cool stories and hot deals.  


We’re still friendly experts that love office stuff, we’ll just be wearing new boots and panties.  I wonder if they’ll affect the way we walk?


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