Give your wrist a rest!

Did you know that every day six people give up their jobs due to a form of repetitive strain injury?  According to the Repetitive Strain Injury Association, an incredible 5.4m working days are lost to RSI each year in the UK alone!

With this in mind (and hampered bya dodgy wrist) I decided to take a look what I could buy to alleviate my ailment and perhaps help others make an informed choice at the same time.

After sifting through the Web for a wee while I came across a great selection of wrist supports made by Fellowes. They seem to take wrist support very seriously and have made three dedicated ranges, Memory Foam, Crystal Gel and Health V.

I was particularly interested in their Health V range as they’re designed to help people having trouble with their median nerve (the problem I have), by reducing the pressure you put on your wrist when you’re moving your mouse around all day.

I took the plunge and bought a Fellowes Professional Series Palm Support in black!  When it arrived, my first thoughts were “what a curious looking object” and “How reassuringly weighty”.


As soon as I started using it, I felt less strain and was able to move my mouse about with much greater ease. A couple of hours later I was still happily mousing away.  I’ve now been using my support for over two weeks and am very happy with the results.

I only wish I’d bought the Fellowes Professional Series Palm Support earlier!

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