For the love of Magic Wipes

I love office stuff, in fact I know a whole two rooms full of people that love office stuff, but I have a friend who LOVES office stuff. So much so she had to avoid supermarket aisles and office supplies stores like the plague for fear of debt and ridicule especially when she was out with others.

She’s been studying for as long as I can remember and I have a sneaking suspicion this has something to do with being able to constantly purchase stationery items without raising eyebrows. When I got my job she was extremely jealous (and rightly so)! “You get to be surrounded by all the latest pens, paper and files all day every day, and to play with highlighters and Sellotape?” she asked in a high-pitched whisper going slightly red in the face, not from embarrassment but from excitement.

This is where I explained to her that it is an online company and while we do obviously have and use stationery items, I work in customer service which, contrary to her thoughts, is not situated in the warehouse amongst the shelves. However this opened a whole new world to her, a world where she could indulge herself with pictures and descriptions of the latest products, she could order erasers, coloured staples and the new fandangled Tipp-Ex without the stares and shame (five shopping bags full of office products tends to attract a reaction in people) and these items were delivered straight to the door!

So, it started! I would get cards and invitations to dinner parties or just a night out on printed coloured paper with glitter and stars (we have a craft section too don’t you know) and little affirmations were left for me on all shades and sizes of Post-it notes! We live together (or did) and along came the whiteboard; it was a mini magnetic whiteboard it was placed on the fridge along with an array of different coloured marker pens. “Green is for notes, blue is for comments and red is for urgent reminders” I was sold! This was amazing, my world at home was transformed and I cannot sing that whiteboard’s praises enough. However after months of use we discovered that the build up made it look dirty and unattractive, until I was told about Legamaster MagicWipes. These little wipes are the best whiteboard cleaner I have ever come across, and believe me we searched high and low and tried product after product to get this whiteboard back to the pristine white it was when it first arrived.  Nothing worked!

These wipes did the trick and have now been introduced at work; everyone loves a clean whiteboard, we have them and now thanks to MagicWipe you can too (insert wide smile accompanied by the sparkle off the tooth). The bright white “just like new” look for whiteboards is the new in thing and I can recommended wholeheartedly this product.

So people… you go get those whiteboards you deserve. Even if they’ve got months or even years of old ink build, up you can get them clean!

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