Football, Flags & Circular Sausages

Football, Flags & Circular Sausages

Do you remember the 2012 Olympic sausage scandal?  A Weymouth butcher put up a sign with five sausage rings on it.  He was told to take it down by Olympics organisers.   What else does a ring of sausages look like?  Definitely not a football.


See, the companies that sponsor global sporting competitions don’t want anyone else getting in on the act.  When an SME shows enthusiasm for an event, the powers that be view it as a firm trying to take advantage, rather than a company full of excited employees.


That’s why we’re pleased to say that our free national flag screen savers have nothing to do with the Global Beverage Container Competition (GBCC) that’s happening soon.  I mean, our office has many different nationalities in it, but the people here have no interest whatsoever in what’s happening the next few weeks.  Nope, it’s just that our talented graphic designers really like stationery and flags.


Are you nuts about Nigeria?

Do you think Australia is amazing?  Maybe you’re potty about Portugal or excited about Ecuador.

Whatever country you feel a connection with, using one of our fancy screensavers will in no way show your support for that nation in the GBCC.   (And we’re certainly not suggesting that you download a flag and taunt a colleague whose own national team has been bested.  I mean, how childish would that be?)


So please, whatever you do, don’t download any of these wonderful screensavers ;-).  Instead we should learn our place and understand that the GBCC belongs to the companies that pay for it, not the millions of people around the world that watch it and certainly not the country that invented the sport.

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  1. Euroffice Customer at 1:36 pm

    Any chance you can create an England 3 lions screensaver ? I got a scottish guy here who would well and truly hate it on his computer 🙂

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