Five weird workplace sackings (and what to do if it happens to you)

After David Moyes was sacked as the Manchester United manager, it got us thinking about unusual sackings around the world and what to do if something does go wrong at work.  Have a look at these unusual examples and stay for top tips at the end.

 Typing in CAPITAL letters

A New Zealand woman was fired for sending confrontational emails full of bold, red, CAPITAL LETTERS.  Her employer claimed the emails caused ‘disharmony’ in the office, but authorities didn’t believe them and the woman was awarded damages.

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Sunbathing in a Courthouse

A senior judge in Bosnia and Herzegovina was dismissed after she was photographed sunbathing naked on her office desk.  Apparently she’d ‘damaged the image’ of the court.  I wonder if they sacked the government worker that took the photo?

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Supporting the Wrong Team

There’s a big rivalry between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers in American football. So when a Chicago car salesman wore a Packers tie to work – and refused to take it off – things didn’t end well.  His boss said it was because they did a lot of work with the Bears, but could this just be rivalry gone wrong?

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Murdering a ‘Musical’ Instrument

A contract worker at a Dutch railway company lost his job after cutting a colleague’s vuvuzela in half (this was during the World Cup).  Apparently he’d had enough after his workmates attached one of the sonic-weapons to a compressed air pump.

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Getting your Chocolate by Force

An American man was fired for taking a forklift truck to a vending machine.  His Twix bar got stuck when it was being dispensed and rocking the machine back and forth didn’t do much.   Thankfully using an 8,000lb forklift to drop the thing several times did the job.  It even netted him a couple of extra bars.

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What are you going to do if it happens to you?

Forbes has some good tips on dealing with the immediate aftermath of being fired, most of which are about keeping calm and quiet.  Here are the first three to give you an idea of what to do:

1. While it may seem like a good idea to vent at the company and tell the world what happened…. don’t.   Keep away from Facebook and social media and plan your next moves carefully.

2. If you can’t sort things out with your employer, don’t start firing off your CV to random companies.   Take the time to think about the good and bad aspects of your last job and see what roles might be out there that suit you.

 3. Even if you’ve been offered a generous severance package, don’t just grab it and run.   Get a solicitor and go through it first.   Only then should you consider taking a break and enjoying a little bit of the money.

It’s never nice to think about this kind of thing, but have a look at the tips in the article anyway.  Let’s hope they never come in useful.

Forbes Tips on ‘What to do if you get sacked’ Click Here

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  1. Euroffice Customer at 4:17 pm

    haha “Typing in Capital Letters” now that could be used for various people in my workplace

  2. Euroffice Customer at 4:17 pm

    It would have affected t-shirt sales? Who knows what happens in the boardrooms and backrooms of big clubs.

  3. Euroffice Customer at 4:17 pm

    David Moyes got the sack because he couldn’t get the best out of his players on the pitch, So why wasn’t Ferdinand, Fletcher, Nani, Jones, Smalling and Rafael sacked then ?

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