Five Ways To Make Ink Cartridges Last Longer

Five Ways To Make Ink Cartridges Last Longer

Here are some simple tips to make your printer ink last longer.  Copy these (with a pencil) and hang them above your printer.

Print Draft by Default

Unless you’re printing for someone important, use draft mode to save ink.  A bit like tuxedos, standard quality is for special occasions.

Use Ink-Friendly Fonts

Printing in Century Gothic can save 30% more ink than using Arial.  You can also find free ‘eco fonts’ online, specially designed to use less ink.

Mind The Multi-Colour

If using multi-colour cartridges, be careful you don’t run out of one ink too quickly.  If you do, you may have to replace the whole thing.  Avoid printing large blocks of colour.

Think Before low Ink

If you get a ‘low ink’ warning on your cartridge, don’t replace it immediately.  You may be able to get some more pages out of it.  Just keep an eye out for faded text.

Do you need to print at all?

These days even toddlers have HD smart phones and iPads.  Isn’t there any other way to share the document instead of printing it?


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