Five tips for productive meetings

Five tips for productive meetings

I found a list of five tips for how ‘not to having mind numbing office meetings’. Some of the ideas are good, but I can’t get over the feeling that the writer is trying to say ‘this is what a meeting is’ and trying to constrain reality to meet that definition.

Anyway, I’ve listed his headings below and written a summary for each one. Of course he explains things in more detail on his website at

Schedule for Brevity
Keep it to ten minutes and people will turn up. Meet people individually beforehand, so long discussions happen outside the meeting.

Keep Agendas Taut
I think by ‘taut’ he means focused.

Keep Meetings Report-Minded and Action-Driven
Meetings are there for decision, not discussion.

Table Anything That Doesn’t Fit the Format
Don’t discuss things which aren’t on the agenda – handle them another time.

Meetings Aren’t Work
Most meetings are about projects that aren’t running smoothly.

How not to have mind-numbing office meetings

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