Five common office gaffes and how to avoid them

Here are five common mistakes that catch people out in offices every day.  Keep yourself safe with our tips.

Embarrassing emails

We’ve all heard horror stories of people copying rude jokes and saucy messages to the entire company by mistake.  So treat your emails like lingerie – something that only the right person should see.  Never hit send until you’re sure where it’s going and who you’re showing.

Personal print errors

In a past life, I once found a reservation for an ‘amorous’ holiday resort on an office printer.  I left it alone and kept quiet, but others might have started gossiping.  Print private stuff at home – unless you’re an exhibitionist.

Family misfortunes

While people like having personal knickknacks and family photos scattered on their desks, it’s best not to comment on them.  I know a man who said his manager’s grandmother looked cool in a picture because she was wearing sunglasses.  It turned out she was blind.

No babies onboard

Offices love babies, especially when new mums bring them in to show off.  But no matter how pregnant someone looks, never ask if they actually are.  It’s OK to ask if a bus is due, but not a baby.

Spellcheck shenanigans

Never rely on autocorrect to catch spelling mistakes in documents.  I know a chap who gave a presentation to a food multinational, only to find out all his slides had been changed to say ‘fools’ instead of ‘foods’.

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  1. Euroffice Customer at 4:38 pm

    It pays to listen too, I know a guy when confronted with the sentence “Oh, so you’re Angus” – replied with “I never rang you at all !!”

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