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HP on about HP ink cartridges

Did you know that HP calls its ink cartridges ‘pens’?   (That’s internally, of course.)  I found this out after watching a short HP video where some employees explain why their cartridges don’t need much ink.

The video is made by some of HPs software engineers.  While it does a good job of explaining how ink cartridges work, it made me think less about the company’s products than its attitude to marketing.

You’ll see the video is pleasingly amateurish; clearly a side project for them and something that didn’t take too much time.   It got me thinking about how Google and Apple give staff time to work on personal projects, just in case they come up with an interesting product.  Should SMEs do the same thing, but expand the idea beyond projects to marketing and PR?

According to the European Commission an SME is any business with up to 250 employees (I’m ignoring turnover and balance sheet totals).   That’s up to 250 minds that could work on new projects or videos to publicise their company.   Even if each person only had an hour a year, that would be more than a working month spent on coming up with ideas.

Imagine how HP could advertise its ink cartridges if they took advantage of their 331,000+ workforce in that way.


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